Bird, bat and rodent droppings

Get rid of bird, bat and rodent droppings

Bat droppings are unsightly and unhealthy.
Bat droppings are unsightly and unhealthy.

ACM Removal–Kansas provides expert removal of bird, bat and rodent droppings, as well as other animal droppings. We use proven methods for the assessment, removal, disposal and cleanup.All projects are accomplished quickly, safely and professionally. Our cost-effective services are available in both commercial and residential settings.

Commercial Services

We remove bird, bat, rodent and other animal droppings in and around businesses, office buildings, government buildings, churches, hospitals, schools, stores and industrial facilities. ACM Removal works with business owners; property and facility managers; private and government contractors; realtors; house flippers; investors; and government entities.

Bird droppings are unsightly and unhealthy.
Most people love birds, but not when they leave gifts on our property!

Residential Services

Animal droppings are unsightly and unhealthy. These droppings often carry infectious diseases and attract insects such as flies, ticks and fleas. If you find animal droppings in attics, basements, garages, crawlspaces, buildings, cabins, sheds and barns, call ACM Removal–Kansas to get rid of the mess quickly and safely.

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Let us ensure your home and business are safe for you, your family, your employees and your customers.

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