Mold vs bleach. Does it work?

Bleach. Does it work to clean mold?

Vinegar is better to use than bleach to clean mold.
Vinegar is better to use than bleach to clean mold.


While many people believe a bleach solution will get rid of mold, bleach is NOT a good chemical to kill mold. Instead, use a product specifically formulated as a commercial fungicide.

In most cases, small amounts of mold can be removed from hard surfaces by thorough cleaning using a fungicide, soap and water.

If a fungicide is not available, white vinegar is a far better alternative than bleach.

When should I call a mold removal specialist?

Do you have mold growth in your home or business. It's important to take care of it as soon as possible!
Man shocked to find mold a kitchen cabinet.

Consider calling a professional mold removal specialist for large areas of mold, or if the mold continues to reoccur after cleaning. This may indicate a more extensive problem. Mold  can spread behind walls, under floors and over ceilings without you  knowing it until it has caused extensive damage.  Definitely call if there is concern that the mold is affecting occupants’ health, or you cannot manage the cleanup properly on your own.

Will the mold stain?

Yes, mold can sometimes stain, especially on porous surfaces.  You may find that after cleaning, once the surface has completely dried, a residual stain may remain. Such surfaces can be covered or painted using a mold-resistant paint.

Absorbent or porous materials such as ceiling tiles, drywall and carpet may have to be thrown away if moldy.

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If you have other questions about mold, check out frequently asked questions on mold.  If you require assistance cleaning larger areas of mold, contact us at 316.684.1800.

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